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Valentines Day. Bah Humbug!!! A Message to My Children

by pbergman 16. February 2012 18:54

So my older married children think Valentines Day is a sham! They say "why do you need a special day to say I love you"?, "it just a money making, commercial advertising scheme"! And you know what--both those statements are true! However, Ira and I have been celebrating Valentines Day for over 50 years (never missing one, each year as exciting as the first) True, we don't need a special day to say how we feel about each other,we do that everyday, but it is a day that we celebrate along with every other holiday in the calendar year.  In this electronic age ,where we seem to be busy 24 /7 and we have very little time to spend on any one thing, holidays just give us a wake up call to take some time to make ordinary things in our life more special! To take the everyday and make it special. There's something wonderful about walking around New York ,which I do every day of my life and seeing all the florists busy, seeing store windows beautifully decorated, walking into offices and being greeted by a bowl of chocolate red kisses, restaurants having special menus and giving out roses, and men and women walking in the streets with bouquets!!! Tell me one person who wouldn't feel some sense of excitement in being handed a gift , card 

or experiencing an evening or day that is just a little bit different than every other one. 

And that, my children is what it's all about! That is what life is all about. Going the extra step and making the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!!  So this Valentines Day I gave Ira a gift on Saturday( just to shake things up a bit) and I have planned a surprise night where we will do everything he loves( and not expensive either). And so you see what makes our relationship still fabulous after all these years!!    PS Sometimes Ira does the planning!

Have a wonderful Valentines Day! 

Ira & Me at this past 24Karat Club, fabulous Love!   

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