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Whole Lotta Love at the Emmy Awards!

by pbergman 30. August 2010 14:56

Like just about everyone else, I was tuned in to the Emmy Awards last night.  And like everyone else, top of my mind was what everyone was wearing.  Lea Michele looked fabulous—great dress, great jewels!  Kelly Osborn looked stunning—I loved the understated elegance of her gown and her hair was, well, beautifully normal and let us actually see her face.  Claire Danes looked amazing, like an old school Hollywood starlet reminiscent of those in the movies Ira and I still love to watch together.  Jane Lynch looked great and I thought the dress and accessories she chose (or her stylists chose!) were perfectly suited to both her body type and her age.  Not to be mean, but January Jones and Kim Kardashian were among my least favorites (January?  Those shoes?  Really?). 


Beyond the fashion, what struck me the most was the diversity of relationships that walked down the red carpet.  I never look to Hollywood as a barometer for relationship success, since it seems most celebrities change partners as often as they change shoes, and I realize it must be nearly impossible to maintain the intimacy necessary for a successful relationship under the glaring lights of the paparazzi, but there were a few glimmers of hope worth mentioning.  There were long-time married couples like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, who still appear to be the epitome of normal in an otherwise messed up relationship world.  Eva Longoria-Parker and Tony Parker look well on their way, after a few years of marriage, to becoming an authentic Hollywood couple, while newly weds like Emily Blunt and John Krasinski seemed very supportive and enamored of one another.  Long time boyfriend/girlfriend couple Jon Hamm (who looked GREAT btw) and “love of his life” Jennifer Westfeldt were sweetly on the same page while evading questions about when they were going to “make things official.”  On the more non-traditional front, we had a glowing Padma Lakshmi, who seems content with her single mom status, and both Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep were having a great time with their daughters.  I also felt such happiness seeing openly gay couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka proudly walk the red carpet like any other happy couple.  All-in-all, it seems like the Emmy red carpet is the new hot spot for a date night and it demonstrated that just one relationship formula doesn't work for everyone.  


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