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The Letter C

by pbergman 29. October 2010 12:17

Since we are nearing the end of Breast Cancer awareness month I have chosen to share my story with you.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Having never been sick a day in my life, I wondered how could this have happened to me. I felt all those feelings everyone talks about about, especially the feeling of failure and loss of control. I had a wonderful doctor who gave me the most beautiful advise. He said,"when a person has a serious illness, he or she feels that they have lost control over many aspects of their lives. Remember you are always in control! If you do not understand what the doctors are doing, ask questions, if you do not like something about a treatment, tell them and if you are too weak for treatments, tell them. And most importantly whichever treatment you finally decide on,you must have absolute faith that the decision you made was the right one for you, not someone else!!! Remember stay in control!!!"

Ira and I discussed my choices and we both agreed to go along with any decision I made and even though we both handle sickness differently, he would respect and understand anything I wanted to do. For six months we were a team committed to getting through this ordeal. The letter C was not going to interupt my life. Ira had a date with me every time I went for a chemo treatment. He would sit and talk to me about anything he could think of to make the time pass quickly. Then we would go out to dinner. I love margaritas and even though I really did not drink during those six months we did share one margarita at dinner. If anyone asked me how many treatment sessions I had left, I would answer with how many margarita dates I would still be going on.

Was it a difficult period for us- OF COURSE! Was it really life as usual-NO WAY! Did we both have to tip-toe around each other-DEFINITLY! Did we make something special out of something heart wrenching? YOU BET WE DID!!!! Those dates were the most memorable ever!!!



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Celebrity Split--Courtney and David

by pbergman 12. October 2010 20:49

It's always strange to feel sorry for celebrities....they get paid to look good, the whole world is at their beck and call, they are loved and adored by millions, etc. etc. etc.  Lindsay?  She deserves a good kick in the pants (and her parents need a lesson in parenting)!  Brittney?  She had the world in the palm of her hand and she needed to get over herself!  Paris?  Don't even get me started....but when you hear about one of those rare Hollywood couples that seem to actually be the "real deal" it's sad when you hear things aren't working out for them.  In my mind, Courtney Cox and David Arquette have always seemed as authentic as a Hollywood romance can be, so I was saddned to hear this morning that they've announced that they've split.  It seems the separation is as amicable as one can be, they stated "...The reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage..."  which makes sense.  A successful relationship absolutely requires a dedication to one's partner, but you can't ever forget who you are because then who (or what?) are you bringing to the partnership?  I feel blessed that Ira and I have many similar passions--classic movies, terrific restaurants, the list goes on--but he also allows me the freedom to indulge my personal passions, and I love that he's a guy's guy in his love of sports and play and I try always to encourage him to be who he is.  

 My heart goes out to Courtney and David and to all of those couples--famous and otherwise--who struggle to find themselves inside of their relationship!


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