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A Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Day

by pbergman 3. December 2010 18:16
  As another Thanksgiving Day approaches, I sit back and ofcourse think of everything that I have to be thankful for. Good health always comes first, then a wonderful husband and a terific family, a host of good friends, fabulous business aqaintences and an indominitable spirit. This has been quite a year filled with lots of anxiety, lots of travel and wonderful adventures and a host of business problems along with many business decisions that had to be made. As I sit here writing my blog I think about what life ie all about and i come to the conclusion that nothing comes easy. Beautiful outcomes, beautiful families, beautiful friends are the result of hard work. I do not know anyone who is successful who has not worked hard to get there but, if you can make the journey along the way interesting and exciting for yourself then when you sit back and think you will only remember the good things. Somehow the bad things are a thing of the past but the good stays with you forever. I love Thanksgiving because of the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes over me when I sit down at the dinner table and look around. My younger son once announced at Thanksgiving that this was the best holiday of all because all religions come together and celebrate a WARM and FUZZY FEELING DAY!

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