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From Washington for the holidays to business in Mumbai to trade shows in Chicago and Miami in 20 days: Tips to Finding the Balance

by pbergman 25. May 2012 16:04

From my recent trip to Mumbai to AGS Conclave in Miami, the past few months have been filled with a lot of travel! So how do I do it all my friends ask? How do you keep up the pace they say? Where do you get the energy they cry? Well to tell you the truth it really isn't difficult! What you need is a good mind set and a great piece of carryon luggage!

The first thing you have to tell yourself is that nothing will throw me of course, take things as they come, keep it simple and you will sleep when you can. When it comes to a flawless look, always remember to mix and match (black and white) and a colorful scarf and shawl. A pair of flats, a pair of mid range preferably wedgies and a great pair of snakeskin high heel sandals that match everything. If it doesn't fit in the carryon it doesn't go, no matter how many days you are going for. A bag for going out and a bag for during the day. Travel size cosmetics, a few great books on your kindle , some nutritional snack bars, and you are good to go. Some workout pieces and sneakers if you are so inclined however, I find that when I m on such a hectic schedule any extra rest does me more good than exercising. Eat lightly but well.

And above all just enjoy the fact that you are leading a very exciting life...see you all in Vegas!

 - Phyllis 

P.S. Check out the pictures from my India trip on the Ask Phyllis Facebook Page (! 

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